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Bears lose to Miami, is the season over (again)? Latoya “Moneyball” Smith on non-win Monday on the Morning AMp. Lauren Blair co-hosts

The Morning AMp discusses men as victims of domestic violence and the phone lines began to ring. Callers shared their thoughts and experiences. Lauren Blair co-hosts
TCW article -
Domestic Abuse Helpline -

Nude calendar banned on facebook. Curtis Shaw Flagg talks news stories through the lens of social media. The Warwick University Women’s Rowing Club is set to release their next Nude Calendar; facebook banned images from their calendar but did not ban images from the men’s calendar. Also, companies are saving tons of money by job reciting through social media.

Shaun T is the creator of the popular fitness program the “Insanity Workout” He is in town hosing the Men’s Health Urbanathalon Chicago where participants run a 5 or 12 mile course riddled with obstacles. More information at

Comedian Rory Scovel is recognized as one of the most dynamic comedians today. He has performed on Conan, Late Night, and the Late Late Show. He was in town for 4 shows at Up Comedy Club this weekend. His latest Album “Dilation” is available on iTunes. More information on this weekends shows at:

Senior Hip Hop Correspondent Gabe Mendoza gives us his review of The Game’s newest album “Blood Moon, Year of the Wolf” and the song “On One”

Warren Phynix Johnson is an old friend of Vocalo and has a new improv show called “The Bastards Of The Underground” feat. Jamprov at the iO theatre. More information at

Dr. Coya Paz joins the Morning AMp for Peace Prize Thursday. They discuss voter sentiment for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in light of the exit of his most high profile challenger Chicago Teachers Union Presisdent Karen Lewis. Brian Babylon is in stuido, Adrienne Brandyburg co-hosts.

A Judge in D.C. declared upskirt photos deplorable but not illegal. The inimitable Mikki Kendall was on to ask why the h-e-double hockey sticks upskirt photos are an expression of free speech.

The Council of Feminist Thought goes on a tangent and gets into a surprisingly Feminist Wednesday friendly converation about the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards with Mikki Kendall.