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Reggie Ponder and Matt Fagerholm joined Morning AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams for an hour of film chat from blockbusters to arthouses.  They talk about The Giver, 22 Jumpstreet, as well as many others.

Morning AMp Contributor AJ Lubecker has problem managing his money so he shares his tales of woe (and wins!) with us so we can learn from him. This week, he’s in the studio to recap his best and worst purchases of the summer with Molly and Brian.

WBEZ’s Odette Yousef brings a story about unaccompanied immigrant children to The Morning AMp. Lawyers are now calling the new unaccompanied children system the “Rocket Docket”, instead of 7-8 months to prepare for court now the dates have been moved to the immediate future. With the U.S. is dealing with record numbers of unaccompanied children have come across the southern border this topic is more serious than ever.

A United Airlines flight was diverted this week over ‘Knee Defender.’ When installed, the Knee Defender prevents the airplane seat in front of you from reclining. A Peace Prize Thursday topic.

The Council of Feminist Thought with speical guests Cassandra Gaddo, Audra Wilson and Ricardo Gamboa  joined The Morning AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams and discussed a new anti-date rape nail polish created by North Carolina State University students. The nail polish is said to protect women against sexual assualt by changing color when dipped in a drink containing a date-rape drug.

A recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute showed that most white Americans have on average one Black friend. Does this effect how we relate to each other? Is there blame to assign or share? The Council of Feminist Thought weighs in.
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The Council of Feminist Thought with special guests Cassandra Gaddo, Audra Wilson, and Ricardo Gamboa joined The Morning AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams and discussed The Emmy Awards and how diversity in television has grown immensly in the last several years due to creators like Shonda Rhimes who have cemented the idea of creating hit shows with diverse casts.

The Morning AMp talks with Nicole Lamireaux executive director of the National Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, and the role they play in providing care that isn’t covered (for both practical and political reasons) by the Affordable Care Act.

The rise and fall of certain grocery chains can tell us a lot about Chicago and its people. We are joined by WBEZ reporters Monica Eng and Natalie Moore who detail grocery store openings and closings as a way of tracing Chicago’s growth and gentrification.

Contributor AJ Lubecker gives Brian and Molly personal finance advice based on his own over-spending mistakes but this week he has a win! AJ will share tips on eating cheap, fast, and healthy.