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Urbanologist Max Grinnell stopped by the Morning AMp to discuss all things St. Patrick’s Day with Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. He filled us in on how St. Patrick’s Day came to be celebrated the way it is in the US and discussed some unique Chicago traditions like dyeing the river green. Brian Babylon also showcased his infamous Irish accent.


Veteran of the urban scene TK Kirkland, who has dropped in before a weekend at Jokes & Notes. TK rehashes his background and the streets with Molly Adams and Brian Babylon while talking about how he made it to the Olympic trials for being a runner! Also, TK gives his input on men and dating today in this age.

World renowned photographer Xavier Nuez’s series Alleys & Ruins captures the underbellies of cities in literal new light, as he shines multicolored hues on long exposures of underpasses and ripped fences to give beauty to the scenes we overlook. Vocalo contributor Haleema Shah spoke to him about his work last year and you can catch Nuez at his open studio in Pilsen tonight. If you are interested in attending the event, please visit the 2nd Fridays event website!

Our personal urbanologist strains his neck as he walks around Chicago in the summer, making a list of some of the best moves in recent architectural designs. He shares his observations, and as always his haikus, with us.

Max Grinnell joined the MorningAMp and discussed some of the best urban spots and architecture in Chicago that he discovered this summer.

Good God, we hope MHP’s historical knowledge bomb might actually shut down some of this “Harlem shaking,” but we know it won’t.