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Executive Director of Rape Victims Advocates Sharmili Majmudar joined hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon on the Council of Feminist Thought this week. In the second half of the show, the conversation turned to the “Women Against Feminism,” the Facebook and Tumblr group that has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks, and the critiques they have on the feminist movement.


Can mothers have it all? Author Deborah Kahn called The Morning AMp this Feminist Wednesday to talk about finding a work life balance for working mothers. Take a listen to see what data-driven conclusion she came to in her book The Roads Taken: Complex Lives of Employed and At-Home Mothers

“I looked at my life and I was happy with my marriage and my children and socially… but professionally I was not happy with my life. I never felt that even though that I had worked before in professional jobs and had done the PTA and various other things. I never had really used my mind and challenged myself and done something. This is why doing this research, writing this book and finishing it up was so important to me.”

Vocalo and WBEZ’s Mike Puente set out on a ride along with a police officer in Gary, Indiana to assess the city’s resources and see if they’re properly equipped to protect the city after Gary police officer Jeffrey Westerfield was murdered sitting alone in his patrol vehicle. Molly Adams and co-host Luis Antonio Perez spoke with Puente after broadcasting his report. Take a listen!

SNL contributor and impressionist extraordinaire’s Jay Pharoah’s interview with the AMP’s guest co-hosts Jill and Luis turned into a performance, jam packed with impressions of ESPN’s Stephen Smith, Stewie from Family Guy, and a grand finale featuring his best Kanye West. He even serenaded outgoing Producer Vivian Mikhail on her last day after comparing our interns to Jared Leto and Danny Tamberelli. Take a listen and laugh!

Resident movie critic Reggie Ponder called in the studio to do his weekly box office rundown with fill-in hosts Luis Antonio Perez and Jill Hopkins. He shared his thoughts on the high budget of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and what it will take for the movie to make a profit. He also reviewed Lucy, where Scarlett Johansen transforms into “a highly aware, extremely smart and unbelievably dangerous person.”

What is Physical Theatre? It’s a style of theatre that uses body language and mixes the crafts of mime, circus arts and choreography. Some of it may have some dialogue that borders on the absurd. Links Hall with Alice da Cunha and Marc Frost will present the first annual Physical Festival Chicago, a nine-day celebration of physical theater, July 25 to August 2, 2014 plus two evenings highlighting work by local artists including Silent Theater Company and a scratch night with various artists. They joined the AMp’s guest co-hosts Jill Hopkins and Luis Antonio Perez to discuss this weekend’s festivities.

Historian Josh Eisenberg and proprietor of the blog Obit of the Day, joined the AMp’s guest co-hosts Jill Hopkins and Luis Antonio Perez by phone as he commemorated the life of Aldi founder Karl Albrecht and the 80th anniversary of the Dillinger killing.

The Tofu Chitlin’ Circuit is a theater conservatory and their mission is to offer affordable classes and workshops to assist community members in creating and preserving their own stories. Sydney Chatman, the founder, visits Studio 11 to discuss their play “Take it From Me, Violence Just Don’t Understand” going up at The Greenhouse Theatre this Saturday afternoon. She, along with one of the peers, joined the AMp guest co-host Jill Hopkins and Luis Antonio Perez

Brian Babylon and guest host Susie An talked about street harassment and one woman’s efforts to combat the practice by handing out cards to catcallers that explain why the practice is harmful. Cassandra Gaddo later joined the conversation during the Council of Feminist Thought.

“I think one of the biggest things that can help this is male allies. If you see it happening, if you see your friend doing it, if it comes up in conversation, be the person who says ‘You know what guys? That’s actually really threatening to women. It’s not cool.’”

-Cassandra Gaddo

The AMp’s Brian Babylon and guest co-host Luis Antonio Perez were joined by WBEZ South Side Bureau Chief Natalie Moore to share her recent reports on condo investments and fraud in traditionally rental neighborhoods. Do you have a story of a good or bad investment you made during these trying economic times?