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Loyce set the bar for #teamvocalo today when he stopped by to write a personal check. But giving to us is easier than that: Go to right now, it just takes 3 mins to support independent, commercial-free media for everyone.

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Josh Eisenberg from joins The Morning AMp on Fridays to talk about history through the lives of people who have recently passed away.
Today he tells the story of aviation pioneer Lattice Curtis first woman to be certified to fly four engine Bombers during World War II, and Navigator Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk who was the last surviving member of the crew who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

A University of Colorado study found that when women and non-white executives who pushed to have other minorities promoted suffered as a result in their performance reviews. While their white male executive counterparts were praised for promoting diversity if they pushed for promotions for women or minority candidates.

Cassandra Gaddo joins the Vocalo Council on Feminist Thought with Susie An and Brian Babylon to talk about the double standard.

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Historian and Proprietor of Obit of the Day, Josh Eisenberg joined the AMp’s Molly Adams and guest co-host Luis Antonio Perez as he shared modern history through the lives that have recently come to an end. This week we learned about the world of fashion and animation.

While some foodies are still swooning over doughnuts, cronuts or wonuts, others have moved on to the sweet treat taking over Chicago’s Mexican ice cream shops. Monica Eng joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as she took us on a snaxploration! Listen now!

Almost nine out of every 10 kids who spend time in Illinois youth prisons end up going back to prison within three years of their release. Now a program in Cook County that aims to keep kids free by taking a more holistic approach is going statewide, but Patrick Smith of WBEZ reports on how it is not always successful. Patrick joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to discuss his findings.

Listen to Patrick’s stories here

The Reel Critic Reggie Ponder joined us for his reviews on brand new movie releases and weekly box office numbers. This week, we reviewed Angelina Jolie’s take on Maleficent, how X-Men is holding out in its second week, and predictions for next week’s movie releases, including The Fault in Our Stars.

WBEZ reporter Mike Puente checks in from our Crown Point Bureau, about the spooky events around the lake from MERS scares to mysterious holes in Mt. Baldy.

Every week our good friend Reggie Ponder calls in to give us the skinny on Hollywood’s latest wares. Listen to this segment to hear his thoughts on Godzilla and many others!

After a Supreme Court decision this week to specifically uphold Christian prayer before a town council meeting in upstate New York we ask if there has ever been a “war on Christianity” as some lawmakers and commentators would have you believe. The good doctor Coya Paz joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as they dissected into the topic with quite a few callers who chimed in their perspectives.