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Ramon Rivas runs Cleveland’s comedy scene. He co-hosted with Brian and Molly in his super fun fashion. We got to interview him halfway through our show and really got to know more about him before he heads off to a one-month long residency in New York City. Take a Listen.

The interns are coming, the interns are coming!

Maggie Dziubek, Gillian McGhee and Erica DeAngelis have taken over the Morning AMp. With their Jedi masters hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon sticking around as guides, the intern crew is in the studio for a very full hour of Feminist Wednesday.

In this segment, Maggie Dziubek revisits two stories from previous Feminist Wednesdays with updates and further discussion. First, checking in with the Steubenville rape trial as a Grand Jury gathers evidence at a digital forensics company, a possibly involved head football coach has a contract renewed and girls who wrote so-called ‘bad tweets’ about the victim are charged with ‘telecommunications harassment’.

Then, an exploration of radical parenting techniques in the digital age. How do parents effectively discipline their young kids online? The interns had an issue with Brian’s take on a Dayton man who whipped his daughters for posting ‘twerking’ videos online. A similarly extreme, but more creative and not physically harmful approach comes from the YouTube-famouslaptop Dad.

The contract renewal comes after the conviction last month of two of Saccoccia’s players for the August 2012 rape of an unconscious 16-year-old girl and distribution of electronic records of the assaults. Players Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richardson were both tried as minors and sentenced to juvenile detention.

Text messages from one of the rapists indicated that Saccoccia was aware of the crimes, but declined to take action against the players.

“I got Reno,” Mays wrote to a friend. “He took care of it and shit ain’t gonna happen, even if they did take it to court. Like he was joking about it so I’m not worried.”

Thousands of text messages, videos and photos about the assault were sent back and forth by members of Saccoccia’s team and their classmates. The teenage girl, who attended a rival school, was purportedly targeted because she had previously rejected the advances of a team member.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said that a grand jury tasked with deciding who, if anyone, should be charged with obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and failure to report child abuse, will announce its ruling next week.

Monday’s report of someone in KKK regalia is the latest in a recent spate of what the school described as “hate-related incidents on campus.” Last week, a swastika and other graffiti appeared in Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music. Earlier last month, anti-Semitic, racist and homphobic graffiti was found on the campus, which is located in Oberlin, Ohio.