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This week on the Council of Feminist Thought, Britt Julious joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams. We kicked it off by talking about Inland, her new publishing venture that will explore Midwestern culture and identity. We put a little “constructive disliking” (not hate!) on coastal media. Take a listen!

Along with our senior tech correspondent Marty Hess, the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams spoke with Phil Tibitoski, CEO of Young Horses a Chicago-based video game development company that is releasing their first big game this year, Octodad. They discussed how the Midwest supports the gaming industry and also the inevitable robot takeover!

After passing in the U.S. Senate in June, comprehensive immigration reform has come to a screeching halt in the House of Representatives. To pass in the House, supporters can’t just look for votes from immigrant friendly states like Illinois. It will take conservative lawmakers from states like Indiana to help push it through. But as WBEZ’s Michael Puente reports, it’s not clear who those lawmakers will be.

"Of course, in 2007-8 our economy was at an all-time low…and we said so what can we do to attract and retain talent here who can help bring our economy back to life, and just bring the community and the city back to life too.” -Deirdre Greene Grove

It’s a familiar story in the Midwest, where the history of the past five years has been one of recession and tentative recovery, but no city was hit harder than Detroit. Deirdre Greene Groves, executive director of Challenge Detroit loves to talk about her city’s history and is working to bring Motown back. Challenge Detroit is a fellowship program that aims to bring the best and brightest into Detroit in an effort to revitalize the city. Deirdre joins hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon on the phone from her loft apartment in Detroit to talk about her hopeful vision for the city’s future.

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"I get to wake up every day and create, I get to respond to the needs of people doing really remarkable things. I mean, I get to be around doers, starters, makers, people who see a problem and are doing something about it." -Amanda Britt on her job running Panzanzee, an incubator space for social entrepreneurs in Chicago

Panzanzee is like a community kitchen for entrepreneurs. Providing office space, investor meetups, connections with artists, and much more, the company is another example of the Midwest spirit of cooperation. Founder Amanda Britt joins hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to talk about Panzanzee’s mission and about the value of social entrepreneurship.

Interested? Have a great idea, but need some help developing it? Looking for connections? Try Who knows, before you know it maybe you’ll be on Vocalo talking about your socially responsible Chicago start-up!

Panzanzee: A “social enterprise incubator,” Panzanzee is like a community kitchen for entrepreneurs. Providing office space, investor meetups, connections with artists, and much more, the company is another example of the Midwest spirit of cooperation.Founder Amanda Britt joins to talk business. 
Strike, Strike, Strike: Labor writer and advocate Micah Uetricht reflects on last week’s “Fight for 15” walkouts by Loop fast-food and retail workers. He explains how the action fits into other bold, young labor movements around the country.
An Orange Moon: Lynne McDaniel shows us around her Humboldt Park vintage furniture store and tells us how to spot quality. She also shares memories of the Maxwell Street Market. With a bottle of tequila permanently placed on the sales counter, An Orange Moon is having a birthday party this Friday at 6pm.
From Chicago Out to the World: This panel at the Chicago History Museum tonight looks at the city’s historical leadership in LGBT rights. Attorney Keren Zwick with the Heartland Alliance will talk about current challenges and opportunities for LGBT individuals seeking asylum in the US from persecution in their home countries.
Unpaid Caregiving: According to AARP research, nearly 1 in 5 adult Americans are providing unpaid care to an elderly relative, and some of the most hard-working caregivers are Black women. Edna Kane-Williams, VP of African-American Engagement at AARP, joins us to talk about their online resources for unpaid caregivers and their upcoming campaign with local churches to build community support. 
Coya Paz: Is the CTA’s new payment system going to prey on the financially illiterate? Can you make a Nazi salute and really not know what you’re doing? How can the largest police force in the US not have an ombudsman? The (possible) answers to these questions arrive with our social justice commentator. 

Monday’s report of someone in KKK regalia is the latest in a recent spate of what the school described as “hate-related incidents on campus.” Last week, a swastika and other graffiti appeared in Oberlin’s Conservatory of Music. Earlier last month, anti-Semitic, racist and homphobic graffiti was found on the campus, which is located in Oberlin, Ohio.

Obit of the Week: Every day, Josh Eisenberg writes about the lives of the recently deceased, from the obscure to the monumental, on his popular Tumblr, Obit of the Day. He’s sorted out the most popular posts on the most notable deaths to share with us.

Hip-Hop: Gabe Mendoza looks back on ten years of Little Brother’s The Listening. When it was released, it got no promotion and small distribution. But thanks to all the talking smart hip-hop fans do, the North Carolina trio’s album is now a classic of the underground.

Movies: Reggie Ponder the Reel Critic reviews the mainstream (Jack the Giant Slayer) and the weirdstream (Stoker.)

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