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Tim Barnes chimes in with Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to discuss whats the new trend and its people’s obsession with dystopia. From Divergent in the theaters, to Lorde on the radio, to Walking Dead on TV, visions of a world gone to seed are infiltrating all the media we consume. Tim gives a variety of ways we want to watch the world destroy itself.

State Treasurer and potential Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, Dan Rutherford held a news conference today to defend himself against accusations that he was sexually harassing a former top deputy. While Rutherford is insisting that this will not affect his run from the Republican Primary for governor, the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams discussed the updates and asked why it is that we end up with politicians who have criminal tendencies?

What’s it like to open a new business in Chicago? And what are the chances of it thriving? It’s no surprise when one coffee business opens, you can find another one down the street not too long after. As intimidating it may seem for business owners, the economic competitiveness helps these local coffee shops thrive. WBEZ reporter Lauren Chooljian joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams in the studio as she shared her findings from a few Evanston businesses.

Should MSNBC’s Martin Bashir have resigned yesterday over these remarks about Sarah Palin? This is the debate that the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams had this morning on Peace Prize Thursday. The shorthand in a lot of headlines make it seem like it was an offhand comment, but its actually a slow burn of an educational lesson about the horrors of slavery. Molly argued that while it might be a smarter put-down than it first seems, female politicians often get the grossest vitriol and Bashir has a poor track record when it comes to respecting women.

Radio is always going to be there. As long as there is poverty, hard work and loneliness, radio will be there.
Fernando Schiantarelli, manager of Ricardo ‘El Mandril’ Sanchez, in a story about L.A.’s numero uno radio host in the LA Times. (via toasterwaffles)

(via toasterwaffles)

A Georgia State University freshman’s attempt to start a White Student Union has some people up in arms due to his affiliation with White supremacist internet forum, Stormfront. While founder Patrick Sharp claims he is only fostering pride for a shared European heritage, there remains questions about ulterior motives. Dr. Coya Paz joined Morning AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to discuss the nuances of white student unions as opposed to minority student unions, whether white student unions are too exclusionary, and we ask the age old question, is it racist or not racist?

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A few weeks ago Brian and I (Molly) talked about the way that mainstream media covers the other “molly,” aka MDMA, aka “pure” Ecstasy. For example, The New York Times Style section covered its growing use among “health conscious” people, without noting the fact that it is a Class 1 drug. It seemed to us like when a drug is trendy and being used by mostly white, mostly middle-class people, there’s not the same shame and fear associated with it. Would we ever see a Style article about crack use?

So following that one of our listeners, NY Expat and I kept the conversation going on our Facebook messages. I wanted to share since there is a lot more links and info on the effects of the drug and the way the media covers it. NY Expat is indented, I am back to left margin.

The “MDMA causes brain damage” line that Molly parroted has been viewed very skeptically by the scientific community. This article does a good job of separating facts from scare tactics. (As an added bonus, the two comments at the end demonstrate the best and the worst of Internet commenting)

To summarize: Frequent use drops serotonin levels (since it blocks re-uptake), but after about a year of non-use they return to normal. Other effects can’t be determined because the studies that cry out “Drugs’R Bad” are observational, so they don’t know if it’s the MDMA or the alcohol, cocaine, meth, etc.

That last point does lend credence to Molly’s other point: Purchasers don’t know if they’re actually getting MDMA. Back in the ’90s there were kits sold online that claimed to test to confirm MDMA content, but you end up in a circular argument about how you can trust the manufacturer of the kit. It’s almost as if we need an overarching body that can act as an arbiter of purity in our foods and drugs. Eh, I’m sure there’s a Libertarian solution we can use instead. 

To mind, the problem with MDMA isn’t the after effects, it’s the effects *during* use: Increased body temperature, but an inability to sweat, and extreme sensitivity to room temperature. It is not to be trifled with, and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be quite dangerous. There are simple precautions you can take (dress appropriately for your immediate climate; drink lots of water; don’t interact with other hard drugs). I’d much prefer an informed discussion than simply “Ohmygod, brain damage!

Hey NYC ExPat, 

I left for NYC right after your message and speaking of NYC and MDMA coverage, did you read that the Electric Zoo Festival’s last day was canceled? Two young people died of MDMA related symptoms, no final word on what exactly, but there was this NY media frenzy Sunday morning with a coda on Tuesday that most people missed: apparently a young woman was raped and over 30 people were arrested the day the people died. So you’re right, the panic over a particular drug’s existence and effects really distracts from other issues.

The only guaranteed pure Molly

Ugh:  ”the young girl woke up on Friday under a van in a parking lot with her pants undone and bruises and scratches on her legs. She was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell, where it was determined she had been sexually assaulted.”
The 30+ arrests seems unremarkable; Lolla had 46.

I hold out some hope that the reporting will balance out. If you Google only “Woodstock 99” you get reports about the sexual assaults there at the top of the page. (WaPo, SFGate, Salon).

BTW, in the course of looking up what happened, I stumbled another interesting link. 
MDMA could also cause kidney problems due to too *much* water (and not enough sodium).


You like the Bears? You LOVE Chicago sports? You good GIF’r? You in!
We’re looking for a freelancer to help us out with some football GIFs this season. Like what? See what we did during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 
Hit our inbox if you have experience GIF’ing live events and want to pitch in for a few games! You can tweet me at @jessicagalliart, too, if that’s your thing. 


You like the Bears? You LOVE Chicago sports? You good GIF’r? You in!

We’re looking for a freelancer to help us out with some football GIFs this season. Like what? See what we did during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Hit our inbox if you have experience GIF’ing live events and want to pitch in for a few games! You can tweet me at @jessicagalliart, too, if that’s your thing. 

"When I wrote the piece, it was at a time when Filipino domestic workers overseas were just being treated like subhumans" — Rex Navarette

Before his gig at the Laugh Factory, comedian Rex Navarette stopped by to join Morning AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams for a wider discussion about his comedic focusRex talked about the bonds of the Filipino-American communitywho he was before he found stand-up, and how the inspiration behind one of his more memorable characters, Maritess, the ever-suffering housecleaner, is rooted in the real world.

"It’s now cool to be the guy with the blog" — Tony Williams

In a new documentary, Carbonerdious: Rise of the Black Nerd, local filmmaker Tony Williams explores the position of black nerd culture in the wider nerd world and as a phenomenon within the black community. He joined Morning AMp Hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to discuss the film and the finer points of black nerd identity. And, because everyone is freaking out about it, we get Tony’s expert nerd opinion regarding Ben Afflack as Batman.