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Have we gotten too over-protective? One of our regular guests, Josh Eisenberg, thinks “Because of media and the internet everyone thinks everything happens all the time. How many kidnapping cases or child disappearance cases have you heard where the mom turned away for a minute and her kid was gone? You can be at a playground and that can still happen.”

Morning AMp hosts, Brian Babylon and Molly Adams, were joined by Mikki Kendall and Jamie Golden for the Council of Feminist Thought which discussed the recent arrest of a South Carolina mother, Debra Lynn Harrell, who was arrested by the North Augusta “Department of Public Safety” and charged with unlawful neglect toward a child when someone reported that her nine year old daughter had been playing by herself at a park for a few hours.

The Morning AMp’s Lead Modesty Analyst Mariam Sobh joined Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to report on how selfies and sharing of social media have changed norms about how we think and talk about modesty.

Mariam also discussed her opinions on people “over sharing” on social media. She went on to say:

"People share too much about their relationships - I feel like it can have a negative effect. Its always like ‘oh my gosh, my significant other is so amazing, oh thank you for bringing this to me today. I can’t believe you brought me flowers.’ Its just so in-depth. And then the next week, ‘oh we’re getting separated.’ Maybe you did a little too much or maybe you’re over compensating for something else in your life and you want everyone else to think its amazing."

Three Israeli teenagers who live on settlements in the West Bank were kidnapped last month and found dead on Monday. Wednesday morning, a Palestinian teenager was kidnapped and found dead a few hours later, in what is likely an act of vigilante “justice.” The AMp co-host, Molly Adams, feels Israeli PM Benjamin Netenyahu is talking out of both sides of his mouth, asking his citizens not to take the law into their own hands, while calling the unknown murderers of the Israeli teens “beasts” and “animals.” With the help of our listeners, we discussed the back and forth that war creates and how fear keeps authority in power. Take a Listen!

This week on the Council of Feminist Thought, Britt Julious joined the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams. We kicked it off by talking about Inland, her new publishing venture that will explore Midwestern culture and identity. We put a little “constructive disliking” (not hate!) on coastal media. Take a listen!

WBEZ reporter Monica Eng joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as she updated us on what Chicago Public Schools are doing to reduce food waste. Warning: Lots of cute kid voices ahead.

Buzzfeed writer Alison Vingiano joined Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to trace the history of the term “trigger warnings.” Different media platforms warn you of graphic content in their own ways, from ratings on movies to verbal cautions on radio or TV news. But the rise of “trigger warnings” on the Internet, cautioning against racist language, snarling dogs, or even food has spilled into academia and created its own enemies who feel that “TWs” limit free thinking.

Tim Barnes chimes in with Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to discuss whats the new trend and its people’s obsession with dystopia. From Divergent in the theaters, to Lorde on the radio, to Walking Dead on TV, visions of a world gone to seed are infiltrating all the media we consume. Tim gives a variety of ways we want to watch the world destroy itself.

State Treasurer and potential Republican candidate for Illinois Governor, Dan Rutherford held a news conference today to defend himself against accusations that he was sexually harassing a former top deputy. While Rutherford is insisting that this will not affect his run from the Republican Primary for governor, the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams discussed the updates and asked why it is that we end up with politicians who have criminal tendencies?

What’s it like to open a new business in Chicago? And what are the chances of it thriving? It’s no surprise when one coffee business opens, you can find another one down the street not too long after. As intimidating it may seem for business owners, the economic competitiveness helps these local coffee shops thrive. WBEZ reporter Lauren Chooljian joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams in the studio as she shared her findings from a few Evanston businesses.

Should MSNBC’s Martin Bashir have resigned yesterday over these remarks about Sarah Palin? This is the debate that the AMp’s Brian Babylon and Molly Adams had this morning on Peace Prize Thursday. The shorthand in a lot of headlines make it seem like it was an offhand comment, but its actually a slow burn of an educational lesson about the horrors of slavery. Molly argued that while it might be a smarter put-down than it first seems, female politicians often get the grossest vitriol and Bashir has a poor track record when it comes to respecting women.