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I think that the root of this [criminalizing pregnant women] is tied back to the pro-life movement and trying to give fertilized eggs, embryos, fetuses, certain ‘inalienable rights’ which by their very existence alienate the mother, and put the mother at risk of harm and prosecution.”
- Cassandra Gaddo from the Council of Feminist Thought

Mixing it up on the Council are Cassandra Gaddo from Step Up Women’s Network and comedian Liza Treyger. One #FemWed topic that was discussed was the criminalization of pregnant women for drug use. Along with AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams, they analyzed points on whether or not the root for this falls from the abortion controversy and what protective rights women may or may not have have in certain pro-life states.

Comedian Liza Treyger and Cassandra Gaddo of the Step Up Women’s Network joined the Council of Feminist Thought to speak on various issues with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. In this segment, the Council tackles the topic of sex education and teen pregnancy as well as the subject of reality tv shows and their relation to teen pregnancies.

WBEZ reporter Mike Puente checked in with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon with his NWI report. This segment focused on the recent opposition to an immigrant detention center in Hobart, a judicial override to the legislature’s gay marriage ban, and the current status of Chicago’s own little BP oil spill.

WBEZ reporter Monica Eng joined the Morning AMp to talk about her story on the Chicago Public Schools lunch menu ingredients. She updated hosts Brian Babylon and Vivian Mikhail on the situation after she contacted both the distributor and CPS and received little to no information about the ingredients used.

We talk with JW Basilo from Chicago Slam Works about LitMash, a poetry slam without the poetry.

The Morning AMp’s resident film critic, Reggie Ponder, called hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon for his weekly debriefing on the latest box office releases. In this segment, Reggie told us what to expect from the latest ‘Captain America’ film starring Chris Evans, the latest entry in Marvel’s Avengers mega-franchise.

In honor of International Street Harassment Awareness Week, the Council of Feminist Thought focused in on harassment in both male and female situations. Writer Britt Julious and WBEZ executive producer Justin Kaufmann joined hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon for the conversation. The council looked at different types of harassment; the kind that women are familiar with (intimidating words, gestures, and actions) and the harassment some men are familiar with (stop and frisk).

Morning AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon talked with Gail Stern whose company Catharsis Productions does rape prevention training with colleges, businesses, and the military. Stern stopped in before her upcoming Social Justice Stand Up event to give us some details about the show and her company. She also discussed what makes a joke funny or not, especially when pertaining to sexual assault.


Sasha Go Hard talks family, Chicago, touring, etc with Lozzamusic. 

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Listener Vince from the South Side of Chicago took advantage of the Morning AMp’s miscellaneous format and called hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon about the recent Citizens United reform bill in Springfield. Vince discussed the joint-resolution between the Illinois Senate and citizens to limit campaign donations to $100 per entry and why he believes this movement is important.