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A United Airlines flight was diverted this week over ‘Knee Defender.’ When installed, the Knee Defender prevents the airplane seat in front of you from reclining. A Peace Prize Thursday topic.

Beyoncé = Feminist, yea or nea? Callers weigh in.

Beyoncé delivered and electrifying performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Lori called the AMp to share her thoughts about whether Beyoncé is or is not a champion of Feminism. Later, caller “D.V.S” from South Shore shared a full-throated critique saying, from his perspective, Beyoncé is not a feminist. D.V.S. says he associated feminism with the likes of Angela Davis and Assata Shakur.

Reggie Ponder, The Reel Critic just dropped his daughter off at college and asks for good ‘college’ movies he can watch to make him feel better, together they come up with a surprisingly long list.

In the second segment Brian, Molly, and Molly discuss the impact of Robin Williams as an actor.

They also discuss box office numbers and GOTG, TMNT, Let’s Be Cops, Sin City 2, The Giver, Snowpiercer.

Diane Davis and Greg Stuhr talk with Brian and Molly about the play “The Qualms” from the writer of Clybourne Park (2010) Bruce Norris. “The Qualms” is playing at the Steppenwolf Theater through August 2014.

Senior Hip Hop Correspondent Gabe Mendoza reviews the new album from the Oakland based group, Souls of Mischief “There is Only Now” which is a conceptional record surround a shooting and kidnapping of group member Tajai. Album features Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes and is entirely produced by Adrian Young who did last year’s incredible 12 reasons to die with Ghostface.’

Gabe also challenges Brian and Molly to the ice bucket challenge and shares his critic for a minute.

The Morning AMp discusses the film “Little White Lie” about an African-American girl raised as a middle-class Jewish girl with dark skin. Emily who also saw the film called with a defferent perspective.

Film synopnsis:
Until she was eighteen, filmmaker Lacey Schwartz grew up as a white middle-class Jewish girl whose darker skin and black hair were attributed by her parents to a mysterious olive-skinned Sicilian ancestor. In time, she uncovers the lie that haunted their marriage and made her the secret that was hiding in plain sight. Embracing her African American heritage, Schwartz begins the journey to reconcile her past and her present.

Co-producer of The Chicago Westside Music Festival Michelle Geddes called in The Morning Amp to talk about the festival with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. It covers everything from R&B to soul and Hip Hop. The festival’s happening tomorrow from noon to 8 pm in Garfield Park and features artists including 112, Kenya Simone and Brownstone.

The Morning AMp talked with Rain Pryor the daughter of comedy great Richard Pryor about “That Daughter’s Crazy” the documentary about her that is screening at the 2014 Black Harvest Film Festival.

WBEZ reporter Chip Mitchell joins the Morning AMp to talk about the fallout from the Evans case and other instances of CPD using excessive force.

Two weeks ago our colleagues at WBEZ found that while it was recommended Harrison District Commander Glenn Evans be removed from his post after DNA confirmed an excessive force complaint, he never was. Then last week, using unreleased data, WBEZ found he had at least 45 excessive-force complaints between January 1988 and December 2008.

New York Times Bestselling author, James McBride joined Brian and Luis to discuss his latest book The Good Lord Bird.

McBride is best known for his autobiography entitled, “The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to his White Mother” which has sold over 1.5 million copies and has been translated into 16 languages in more than 20 countries.

In The Good Lord Bird, McBride juxtaposes fiction and history. Through the memoir Henry Shakleford, a fictional runaway slave, this novel presents a different take on the stories of famed radical abolitionist John Brown and his friend Frederick Douglass.

McBride chats with the Morning AMp about his ability to find humor in tragedy, as well as the challenges that have come with his novel being made into a Hollywood movie (Liev Schreiber and Jaden Smith signed on).

A few laughs and some great insights are shared during this conversation, take a listen…