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Lake Michigan to the world! South African hip-hop artist Mhligo has been using hip-hop and performance in his home township of Umlazi outside of Durban to organize young people around social issues that effect them. He joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams along with David Flynn, founder of From the Roots a non-profit that does similar work, where Mhligo is a fellow, to invite us to a productive party on Saturday.

I think that the root of this [criminalizing pregnant women] is tied back to the pro-life movement and trying to give fertilized eggs, embryos, fetuses, certain ‘inalienable rights’ which by their very existence alienate the mother, and put the mother at risk of harm and prosecution.”
- Cassandra Gaddo from the Council of Feminist Thought

Mixing it up on the Council are Cassandra Gaddo from Step Up Women’s Network and comedian Liza Treyger. One #FemWed topic that was discussed was the criminalization of pregnant women for drug use. Along with AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams, they analyzed points on whether or not the root for this falls from the abortion controversy and what protective rights women may or may not have have in certain pro-life states.

Comedian Liza Treyger and Cassandra Gaddo of the Step Up Women’s Network joined the Council of Feminist Thought to speak on various issues with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. In this segment, the Council tackles the topic of sex education and teen pregnancy as well as the subject of reality tv shows and their relation to teen pregnancies.

WBEZ reporter Tony Arnold joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams as he laid out his game plan for covering the Illinois governor’s race this year, including how he plans to dig up the gossip on candidates Bruce Rauner and incumbent Pat Quinn.

Reggie Ponder sits down with Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to discuss the still monumental box office hit, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, they chime about depictions of race in religious films and what different narratives are used. The finish off with discussing the new release of the film Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp.

When you’re at the bottom of every statistic when it comes to income, education, and health, plus you have a felony conviction, where do you find hope? Reporter Monica Potts joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams by phone to share details about her story for American Prospect about a community center in West Baltimore that provides tough love job training and the people it connects with and the people whom it still fails.

Can the Motor City (and the Second City) find some economic relief by returning to its manufacturing roots? WBEZ’s Lauren Chooljian joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to share her report on Shinola, a watch, bikes, and leather company based in downtown Detroit that advertises in the pages of Vogue and does business with the Horween Leather Company in Chicago.

The annual celebration of the small, local record store is here and the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams spoke with Kevin Starke, owner of K. Starke Records in West Town/Humboldt Park about dealing, collecting, and the constant hunt for new customers.

Each week our trends expert Tim Barnes tells us what we need to be doing to be cool, and today it’s getting a pet and spending a ridiculous amount of money on it. Or STEALING a pet and re-selling it for profit. Evil!

WBEZ reporter Mike Puente checked in with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon with his NWI report. This segment focused on the recent opposition to an immigrant detention center in Hobart, a judicial override to the legislature’s gay marriage ban, and the current status of Chicago’s own little BP oil spill.