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Vocalo and WBEZ’s Mike Puente set out on a ride along with a police officer in Gary, Indiana to assess the city’s resources and see if they’re properly equipped to protect the city after Gary police officer Jeffrey Westerfield was murdered sitting alone in his patrol vehicle. Molly Adams and co-host Luis Antonio Perez spoke with Puente after broadcasting his report. Take a listen!

Resident movie critic Reggie Ponder called in the studio to do his weekly box office rundown with fill-in hosts Luis Antonio Perez and Jill Hopkins. He shared his thoughts on the high budget of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and what it will take for the movie to make a profit. He also reviewed Lucy, where Scarlett Johansen transforms into “a highly aware, extremely smart and unbelievably dangerous person.”

Brian Babylon and guest host Susie An talked about street harassment and one woman’s efforts to combat the practice by handing out cards to catcallers that explain why the practice is harmful. Cassandra Gaddo later joined the conversation during the Council of Feminist Thought.

“I think one of the biggest things that can help this is male allies. If you see it happening, if you see your friend doing it, if it comes up in conversation, be the person who says ‘You know what guys? That’s actually really threatening to women. It’s not cool.’”

-Cassandra Gaddo

Resident Vocalo film critic Reggie Ponder joined hosts Brian Babylon and Brianna Baker to talk about the state of the box office, the racial implications of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers and what went wrong with Sex Tape.

It was a day at the races today on The Morning AMp. The Chicagoist’s Editor-in-Chief Chuck Sudo joined hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to offer analysis on the race after Toni Preckwinkle dropped out and Karen Lewis formed an exploratory committee. Does anyone stand a chance at taking down the Rahminator?

“When the mayor was talking about the shootings last weekend and how frustrated he was [by them] and started asking ‘where’s the community?’ He should know where the community is… He’s in these neighborhoods and people who live in them are getting a sense of what are you doing besides photo ops, besides media ops, besides trying to assuage people on the Northside that violence is being curbed.” -Chuck Sudo

Vacationing Morning AMp host Brian Babylon called in for this segment where Molly Adams and Luis Antonio Perez spoke with Olivia Renteria. She’s starring in The Goodman’s Theatre revival of Brigadoon, a 1940s musical about a time traveling Scottish town.

The 500 mile hike in Camino de Santiago Spain is both a physical and a spiritual journey. After taking the hike, director Lydia Smith was inspired to make a movie about the over thousand year old trail. She joined hosts Molly Adams and Luis Antonio Perez to talk about her movie, Walking the Camino.

WBEZ intern Camille Smith stops by The Morning AMp to talk about what colleges look for in the online identity of prospective students and how they get access to your social media sites.

Molly Adams and Brian Babylon’s conversation on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation of reading to children from a young age drew lots of callers when the topic turned to whose responsibility it was to educate children: parents or public schools.

Today, Morning AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon talked about Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s controversial remarks at the Faith and Freedom Conference. At the conference, Jindal said he “sensed a rebellion brewing” in The United States and spoke out against liberals’ alleged hypocritical views of tolerance.