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What Is Hip? Interaction figures! Tim Barnes is on the cutting edge of all trends and this week he’s checking in on what the kids (and the President) are playing with these days. Tim joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning as they reminisced the days of heavy action figure marketing, interactive figures and the power of after school cartoons. They also probed Obama’s statement that the US Army is building “Iron Man”, and Vocalo listener Ryan called in and gave his take on the resurgence of rockabilly fashion.

A play at Timeline Theater explores a very Feminist Wednesday topic: Why do humans menstruate when most mammals do not? Using the meeting of two biologists with differing theories, The How and the Why also explores the pressure that women scientists are under to perform at a high level. Actors Janet Ulrich Brooks, Elizabeth Ledo, and director Keira Fromm joined the AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon this morning in the Vocalo studio to discuss.


Playwright Reginald Edmund dropped in to talk about his re-imagining of the classic tale, opening the Pegasus Player’s 2014 season: When Franklin Park discovers that the love of his life is dating an ancient African vampire, no one believes him, so he enlists the help a strange vampire-slaying duo to help save the girl … and maybe even the world. Director Ilesa Duncan and actor Charles Gardner joined hosts Molly Adam and Brian Babylon in the studio as well.

Wow look at this. The Atlantic! What great info on exo-planets. Did you know that if you make a donation to Vocalo today, in any amount, you will get a free one-year subscription to this magazine? Mail that is not a bill or a restaurant flyer!

Once again, that’s


How Astronomers Came to Think We are Probably Not Alone

To the average American, the news about NASA’s Kepler spacecraft discovering evidence of potentially “billions” of Earth-like planets in “habitable” solar orbits in the universe might feel like a paradigm-shifting moment. If there are billions of Earth-like planets out there, the possibility of life existing somewhere other than Earth suddenly goes from seeming like an odds-against to an odds-on notion.

But to NASA’s scientists, that paradigm had shifted long before the headlines hitindeed, before Kepler even launched.

Read more. [Image: NASA]

An American military strike against the Assad regime in Syria seemed imminent two weeks ago, and the news was filled with analysts and “experts” but not many Syrian-Americans, the people who will be affected in a couple ways by military action. Now, as things have calmed down, the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams checked in with Amr Kawji, who has been advocating for military intervention, and Ramah Kudaimi, who would like to see a non-violent strategy. They joined the studio by phone this morning to discuss both perspectives and figure out what they can both agree on. As it turned out, both agreed that something must be done to stop the violence. 

(Photo by Flickr/carmichaelyepez)

When it comes to living in the red, people can be either be in over their heads or completely debt adverse without a credit card to their name. Wealth strategist Tom Anderson’s new book The Value of Debt tries to find the balance between the two, enacting corporate strategies for personal finance. Tom joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams by phone this morning as he discussed the book and beyond.

A proposed expressway, the Illiana, would link Chicago’s far southern suburbs to southern Lake County, Indiana with an alternative east-west route for traffic. Supporters say the project would generate thousands of jobs for decades to come, but critics question just how far the $1 billion price tag would ripple. WBEZ reporter Michael Puente joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning by phone as he dished on the details of his most recent report on the proposed project.

Created in Ghana, the African Women’s Development Fund has a sister organization in the US, promoting the impact of African women-led organizations on communities across the continent. This weekend they meet in Chicago for a summit on health crises. Dr. Jackie Copeland-Carson, AWDF USA Executive Director, joined the AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning as she probed further into the issues and answered all of our questions.

"It’s not really funny in like a David Letterman or Ellen DeGeneres type monologue, questions type way. They’re not straight up jokes, they’re cleverly staged reality." - Maggie Dziubek

This week Maggie Dziubek joined The Morning AMp and reviewed Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting, an uncomfortable talk show hosted by two women from the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles.