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When we hold up activists and community organizers and programs that are working and that are making a change, that gives people who are not already working for a change a way in. -Coya Paz

Wonderwoman, Coya Paz discusses the dark side and the sunny side of news from public schools this week with host Molly Adams and guest host Odinaka Od Ezeokoli, filling in for Brian Babylon.

First, the bad news.

A high school student in Florida was expelled under zero-tolerance policies for possession and discharge of a ‘destructive device’. What happened exactly? She set off a small explosion after mixing chemicals as part of a science experiment. The internet is up in arms on behalf of the student, and so are Coya, Molly, and Odinaka.

Then, the good news.

A new principal of a public school in the low-income Boston neigborhood of Roxbury is firing security guards in favor of art teachers. The results have been positive change in tangible ways at the school. Coya, Molly and Odinaka are pumped.

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