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Andrew Mason: Our interests are aligned with the business owner and consumer as well which is to sell as many as possible[…]I think that it’s safe to say that we’ve created a win-win-win opportunity if one were to consider Groupon in the equation.

Brian Babylon: What’s the third win?

Andrew Mason: Groupon. The business. Me. This guy.

The founder of Groupon, Andrew Mason, was fired by his company’s board last Friday, March 1. The company is worth $2.8 billion, but that is less than half of what Google offered Andrew for the then private company in 2010. Groupon has struggled to maintain a profitable model, having to rollover profits from current deals into paying businesses that participated in previous deals. Business owners are not always happy with the outcomes as well, where people will come if the product is chep, but not return for full-price service.

But forget that: let’s rewind to more optimistic times.

We dug through our archives and found an old conversation from back when Andrew still gave interviews and was reachable through his personal email. You’ll hear Brian Babylon and Molly Adams talking, but this was back when Molly was an intern, so she’s a little quiet here.

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