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WBEZ reporter Chip Mitchell broke the story of Commander Glenn Evans’ who has been accused of jamming his gun into an arrested man’s mouth.

This Peace Prize Thursday Dr. Coya Paz talks with the Morning AMp about acadermic freedom, self-reported opression, and a church that gave each member of its congregation $500.

Gwen Ifill, award-winning journalist and co-anchor / co-managing editor of PBS News Hour talks with The Morning AMp about PBS’s special broadcast “America After Ferguson.” Molly also pitches Gwen a cartoon network idea featuring Gwen and NPR anchor Michele Norris. The PBS special broadcast airs Friday Sept 26th at 8:00pm ET.

Ferguson: The story of the shooting death of Mike Brown at the hands of a police officer and the reaction in his home of Ferguson, Missouri has become a symbol of the larger social divides in America. A new PBS special,America After Ferguson, captures a town hall meeting that explores the disconnects along lines of race, class and identity that we all experience. Host, moderator, and public media superstar Gwen Ifill joins us to preview it.

Excessive Force: Chicago police commander Glenn Evans pleaded “not guilty” yesterday to charges of excessive force after jamming his gun into an arrested man’s mouth. He faces nine counts of aggravated battery and official misconduct. West Side bureau reporter Chip Mitchell of Vocalo’s sister station WBEZ attended the arraignment and shares details with us.

Coya Paz: The doctor drops in to talk about academic freedom, paying it forward, and the sad case of John Crawford. Do we need to burn the whole system? Maybe we need to burn the whole system down.

Local actor Fawzia Mirza and Fred Sasaki art director for Poetry Magazine join this week’s Council of Feminist Thought. They discuss the doxxing of men alleged to have committed sexual assault. They also discuss Emma Watson’s UN speech on gender equality to which Fred had an unexpected reaction.

The Goodman Theatre is presenting the world premiere of “The World of Extreme Happiness” Actress Jo Mei and doula/consultant Veronica Ratmann are in the studio. The play begins with the birth of Sunny born in rural China, her parents leave her in a slop bucket to die because she’s not a boy. She survives, and at age 14 leaves for the city, where she finds work in a factory and attends self-help classes in pursuit of a coveted office position. Jo Mei plays Ming Ming a worker in that factory. Veronica talks about how as a doula she helped the cast with the first scene of the play, helping them depict a realistic birth scene.

Mariam Sobh joins Molly and Brian on the Morning AMp to discuss her blog hijabtrendz and changes in traditional Muslim clothing trends for women.

Hijab Trendz: Before she leaves us for a new station next week, WBEZ anchor Mariam Sobh joins us to talk about her side career of running Hijab Trendz, her lifestyle blog for Muslim women and really anyone who wants to wear cool clothes and eat good food. She shares a recent study about the effects of modest dressing on self-esteem and reviews Brian’s favorites TV shows about Islam and terrorism.

The World of Extreme Happiness: Currently playing at the Goodman, The World of Extreme Happiness tells the story of China’s more recent economic transformation through the life of Sunny, a country born young woman who tries to make a life in the city. We talk with actress Jo Mei about the production and doula Veronica Rottman about her work and how the Goodman used her skills to train actors.

Council of Feminist Thought: This week’s members are actress Fawzia Mirza and Homeroom curator Fred Sasaki will talk about banned books, the color pink, and gauging where our moral compass is on publicly naming and shaming predators.