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Morning AMp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon had a roundtable discussion with intern Tony Buitrago and his sister Katie Buitrago about the growing student debt crisis in America, which has quadrupled in the last ten years to over 1.2 trillion dollars. Katie happens to be the Sr. Policy and Communications Associate at the Woodstock Institute, a nonprofit organization that advocates action against unethical practices of for-profit colleges when it comes to student loans. Tony dove into the issue to find out how student debt affects students, how it affects the economy and what’s being done to solve the issue. Take a listen.

Morning AMp Intern AJ Lubecker has problem managing his money so he shares his tales of woe (and wins!) with us so we can learn from him. This week he’s back with a very regretful iPhone case purchase, which has Molly Adams and Brian Babylon shaking their heads. Molly attempts to lift AJ’s spirit by sharing a great purchase she made.

We Charge Genocide’s and Black Youth Project’s Jasson Perez joined Morning Amp hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon to talk about police brutality and how to properly document and report instances of police misconduct. We Charge Genocide is hosting a training session and recording and reporting police misconduct on August 21st at Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and police brutality can be reported at

Jamie Golden, member of The Morning AMp’s Council of Feminist Thought, joins Brian Babylon and Molly Adams to share some first-hand stories of her time spent in Ferguson, Missouri this past weekend.

Co-producer of The Chicago Westside Music Festival Michelle Geddes called in The Morning Amp to talk about the festival with hosts Molly Adams and Brian Babylon. It covers everything from R&B to soul and Hip Hop. The festival’s happening tomorrow from noon to 8 pm in Garfield Park and features artists including 112, Kenya Simone and Brownstone.

Reggie Ponder didn’t hold back on telling Brian Babylon that Reggie was right about Mutant Ninja Turtles winning the box office last weekend. Hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams talked with Reggie about the box office hits last weekend, the killer lineup at the Black Harvest Film Festival and how August is finally making up for the awful first two months of the summer. There’s even talk of the movie industry grossing over a billion dollars this month, which would make it the most successful August ever for the box office.

The Morning AMp talked with Rain Pryor the daughter of comedy great Richard Pryor about “That Daughter’s Crazy” the documentary about her that is screening at the 2014 Black Harvest Film Festival.

We had a caller from North Carolina, where Brian Babylon’s family resides, give a critic for a minute about an older brother who never calls her. The guy sounds like has quite a bit in common with Brian, and things get just a little bit awkward. Take a listen!

Senior Hip Hop Correspondent Gabe Mendoza came off firing on all cylinders today, starting with a critique of the media coverage of what’s going on in Ferguson and moving on to talk about west-coast, 90s hip hop group Dilated People’s first album in 8 years. Take a Listen!

“It’s one of those things where, when you pick it, it feels like you didn’t really miss anything in between those 8 years because they pick up right where they left off… that’s a good thing, but also on the flipside there’s really no expansion of the sound and they aren’t challenging their listenership.”

-Gabe Mendoza


It’s been an incredibly difficult five days with what’s happened in what I look at as my back yard. Last night watching the live feeds of what was happening in Ferguson, MO was absolutely unbelievable and I spent the entire night refreshing twitter feeling total shame and despair.

Today though, across the country there were little glimpses of light shining from within this very dark tunnel. Being consumed by this level of anger feels exhausting, and take that with an incredibly huge grain of salt because that’s just what I, with the privilege of being a white male, am capable of feeling. I’m not capable of comprehending the real pain. At today’s NMOS14 demonstration in Chicago, an incredible number of people gathered on short notice. The assembly was peaceful. We listened to people express their hurt, their hope, their anger, and their drive to change things. Once my camera died (again, short notice on this rally), I biked straight to my computer to share the solidarity- if only here in Chicago.

I know this isn’t really the stuff I normally post on here, but I figure the one time I’m literally crying while taking pictures is probably a good time to post stuff. My gratitude goes to everyone organizing today, and not just here but everywhere.

(via lostinurbanism)