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WBEZ’s Yolanda Perdomo brings us a couple of stories around the impending legalization of marijuana for medical use. One story is about a local parent who wants medical marijuana to help her child cope with epilepsy. The other story is about the potential fraud that Yolanda discovered in the burgeoning medical marijuana industry.

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

EXPO CHICAGO President and Director Tony Karman joins the AMp in the studio to talk about the contemporary art exhibit at Navy Pier this weekend.

EXPO CHICAGO draws upon the city’s rich history as a vibrant destination for arts and culture, helping to define the contemporary art community in Chicago while inspiring the city’s collector base.

Sept. 18 – 21, 2014
Navy Pier

Cassandra Gaddo, Managing Director of the Step Up Women’s Network, joins Molly and Brian to discuss the very un-feminist few weeks the NFL has been having.

Curtis Shaw Flagg joins the AMp to talk about trends on social media and inadvertently began a huge conversation about Adrian Peterson and corporal punishment.

Peterson has been indicted in Texas for the physical abuse of his 4 year-old child with a ‘switch’. News outlets have reported that Peterson has admitted he was excessive, but was disciplining his child the same way he was disciplined. Photos of the child’s purported injuries were released over the weekend showing welts and broken skin on the child’s legs.

Jill Salzman host of podcast “Breaking Down Your Business” She’s also the founder of and organizes a collection of offline meetups for mom entrepreneurs.

Parenting and Entrepreneurship: Starting businesses doesn’t have to stop when you start a family. We’ll get advice from Jill Salzman host of the podcast Breaking Down Your Business and founder of, a network of small business owners who also have to juggle a family.

Council of Feminist Thought: We are joined by Cassandra Gaddo of the Step Up Women’s Network to talk about the most UN-Feminist Wednesday week in the NFL’s history, an ever elusive paycheck fairness law, and dress codes for teenagers,

Medical Marijuana: Medical marijuana should be available in Illinois within the next year and our colleagues at WBEZ are covering the many issues the new policies could raise. Yolanda Perdomo shares one story about a family looking to treat an epileptic child with cannibidiols and another about a new opportunity for medical fraud.

Chewing the Fat: Unpasteurized milk is a delicacy, contraband, and a part of some people’s daily diet. Monica Eng and Louisa Chu chat with us about raw milk recipes and regulation.

Nicky Hilton: Hilton hotel heiress and author of the new book 365 Style, Nicky Hilton talks with editor Zach Swezy about New York Fashion Week, what a crazy party is like when you’re crazy rich, and whether pencil skirts and health goth are in or out.

Living Large: AJ Lubecker shares his personal spending woes and we all try to get better at buying dumb things at stupid prices.

America’s Alleys: A unique feature of Chicago is it’s alley system. Rachel Anspach and Michelle Dingsun joins us to talk about their upcoming book America’s Alleys and the ways the humble back street shapes the cities and towns that use it.

Week in Social Media: Curtis Shaw Flagg tells us what people are mad about, celebrating, organizing around, and laughing at online every Monday. This week it’s the good that some athletes are doing and tales of caution from corporate Twitter overreaching.

Moneyball: Surprise! The Bears pulled out a last minute win against San Francisco after the papers went to press. LaToya Smith, ever a beacon of hope, breaks down the league’s results from the past week.

Zach Sweeny former Vocalo intern and editor of the culture and music website 1833.FM returns to recommend more ‘weird’ music.

Matt Woodburn and Sarah Neukom of the “Chop Shop” and “1st Ward Events” tell The Morning AMp about a party they’re hosting to raise funds for “Streetwise” magazine featuring the Freddy Jones Band.

The event is on Sept 18 2014. More information at